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Zoya Pavlenko:

Zoya Pavlenko starred in our Instagram this July. We spoke to her about our followers’ preferences, type trends, and non-design reference.

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Stratos in use: Oktava Creative Cluster in Tula, Russia

Stratos is used all over Oktava Creative Cluster, located located in the works of a microphone factory in Tula, Russia.

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Type Digest, August 2019

New brand typeface of IKEA, two great fonts with nearly identical names, new project by, and 10 more news of August.

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How Valery Golyzhenkov works

There's nothing like watching fire, water, and people working — especially when their work is type design. Valery Golyzhenkov, our friend and author, allowed us to peep into the design process of his Pecorino Thin.

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Navigo in use: wayfinding systems by Zoloto Group

Navigo (CSTM Fonts) became a key element in many wayfinding systems, designed at Zoloto Group (Moscow).

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Kostya Frolov: “I wanted to go offline — to see my designs not only on the screen”

This May posters with our fonts could be seen on the streets of Moscow — Kostya Frolov printed each of 30 pieces, designed for's Instagram. We asked Kostya about designing prints daily, how his witty wordings come to be, and would Graphik become a new Helvetica.

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Type Digest, July 2019

Comic Sans for coding, contemporary vintage by Commercial Type, quest for smallest screen font, and 14 more news of July.

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Damien Gautier: “Why not try quitting a large distributor?”

Damien Gautier is the founding father of 205TF (Type Foundry or Typographie Française), a font shop with “a certain French spirit”. We talked with Damien about the fear of quitting MyFonts, the problems with interpolated and variable fonts, and what is the French way to design type (if there is one).

Read more at Modern Cyrillic 2019

In July, the winners of Modern Cyrillic 2019 were announced. 7 of the 30 winning fonts are from our catalogue.

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“All great references belong beyond the design world”. Interview with Tanya Egoshina

Tanya Egoshina was our visiting instagrammer this April. We facetimed Tanya to talk about her trademark boldness in handling type, and her sources of design reference (spoiler: they are not that much about design).

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