Placing the order in a nutshell:

We did our best to ensure that a license purchasing process takes the fewest possible number of clicks. One can buy the license for personal use or for a company and pay either online with a card or offline, with an invoice.

  1. How to buy a font?

    • Sign up on the website and add the company’s details in your profile;
    • Add the fonts to your cart;
    • Choose the parameters of licenses in your cart;
    • Specify the customer and the licensee;
    • Pay online or request a payment invoice (in this case we will contact you for details and send all the necessary paperwork.)
  2. When will I be able to download the font files?

    • Right after the payment if you buy online.
    • If you buy with an invoice, it’s within five days after the payment (normally on the same day.)

    Once the fonts are available, you will receive a notification from our system at your email.

  3. Where can I download the font files?

    The fonts are available in your profile, under the My Fonts section.

  4. Where to look for the information on my purchases?

    Information on your purchases and orders is in your Profile, under Receipts section.

  5. Is it possible to make changes to the standard text of a license or contract?

    Yes, we can make amendments to the contract after running it by our lawyers.

    This may be necessary if, for example, you buy a license for a state-funded entity and its accounting department has certain requirements when it comes to wording, payment procedure, etc.

  6. Can I purchase a license for my customer?

    Yes, one can buy a license for their customer, or a customer can buy a license for their contractor. To this end, specify the buyer’s and licensee’s details in your profile and tick them in your cart before you buy.

  7. What is the license price based on?

    The cost of a license depends on the scale of font use:

    • for a desktop license, it’s the number of devices (and the option of using the font in videos);
    • for a web license, it’s the website traffic;
    • for an app license, it’s the amount of mobile apps or e-books.
  8. Are there any discounts?

    Yes, our website offers a system of discounts. The more styles and types of licenses there are in your purchase, the less each style and each license costs. It is cheaper to buy an entire type family than purchasing all styles separately, one by one.

    If the license gets upgraded, the cost of the already bought styles and licenses is deducted from a new purchase price. Pay attention: a purchase of another type of license doesn’t count as an upgrade.

    Any additional discounts are only provided to charities. If you have a promotional code for a discount, enter it on the cart’s page before you make a purchase.

  9. Do you have any special licenses for students?

    Unfortunately, our partner authors have not granted us the right to distribute student licenses, however many of them are committed to supporting aspiring designers. If you’d like to use one of’s typefaces in your student project, reach out directly to its author.

  10. May I change the parameters of a license that I bought in the future?

    You can always update your license. You can buy additional weights, add the Video option, increase the amount of devices, website traffic or a number of mobile apps.

    To upgrade your license, add the new styles to your cart and change the license parameters the way you want them now in your cart. Our system will automatically calculate the cost of your upgrade.

    Please keep in mind that the licensee of a new and a previous purchase has to be the same.

  11. Can I drop a typeface if it wasn’t right for me and get my money back?

    Once you have paid for the license, it becomes effective and you won’t be able to cancel it, unfortunately.

  12. What do I do if I run into some technical errors in a font?

    Write at and describe your problem. Specify what tool you work in, which software and OS versions you use, and describe what particular situation the problem occurred in, and attach screenshots if possible. We reach out to the authors to solve such issues if needed.

    Important: for the font files to behave properly, do not change them (the license doesn’t allow it) and use only licensed software and graphic editors.

  13. What currency is the purchase made in?

    If you pay with a card issued by a Russian bank, it is made in rubles, and if you use a card issued by a non-Russian bank, it’s US dollars. If you chose US dollars in your cart, you won’t be able to pay with a card issued by the Russian bank due to current payment system restrictions.

    A payment with an invoice for Russian entities is only available in rubles, for the companies outside of Russia it is available in rubles, dollars, and euros (SWIFT).

  14. What should I do if I still have questions?

    Write to Vadim Zuev ( Please, specify the name of your company or your order number in the subject line, and indicate the names of typefaces you would like to buy in your email body.

Font licenses

Licensing in a nutshell:

A typeface is an author’s product — the same as a photo, a tune, or a poem. Each typeface has an author and their rights are protected by the law. The author alone can decide what to do with their typeface, make changes or additions to it. A license is the right to use the author’s work. It is granted by the author to permit you to use the typeface — always on certain terms and, usually, for a certain price. Please, review the Licenses section so as not to inadvertently violate the license terms.

  1. What is the End User License Agreement (EULA)?

    EULA is a contract between a licensee (the one who will use the license) and a licensor (, which defines the conditions under which the license is granted. It describes all the authorised uses of the typeface and the font file, their limitations, the licensee’s liability and other terms. Please read carefully the license agreement that you accept before you buy and use our typefaces.

    The license text is here.

    License overview is here.

  2. What’s the difference between today’s and tomorrow’s licenses?

    Our tomorrow showcase used a combined licensing model up to 2024, but today and tomorrow now use the same licensing model.

  3. How will tomorrow’s licenses work after 2023?

    Tomorrow’s typefaces bought before april 2024 are still subject to a license which was in place at the time of purchase. However, one can use these typefaces only in a project the license was bought for.

  4. How to upgrade a license for a tomorrow’s typeface purchased before April 2024?

    Add the styles you need and choose the license parameters to upgrade your license. The cart will automatically calculate the cost of the upgrade.

  5. How long and in which countries is the license valid?

    Our licenses apply worldwide and have no time limit.

  6. How many backup copies of a bought typeface can I make?

    You can backup once and store it wherever is convenient for you. Besides, your profile serves as a free online backup service where you can download the purchased typefaces at any time.

  7. Can I modify the typefaces?

    We don’t permit our customers to modify our font files, yet we are willing to change them specifically for your task, for an additional fee. If you need this service, reach out to us.

Testing fonts
  1. Font preview and testing offers a number of preview options for typefaces in our library. You can test any typeface on its page. Each typeface from’s library comes with a PDF specimen with all its glyphs.

    Another way to try our typefaces is to buy one of them. You can purchase one style and then upgrade to an entire type family. If these options are not enough, you can send us InDesign or Illustrators files with text, sizes and the list of typefaces you’d like to try. We will get back to you with a PDF with the examples of the use of these typefaces.

  2. Fontstand

    Numerous typefaces from our library are available at Fontstand. You can now rent all the typefaces by CSTM Fonts as well as some projects by Commercial Type, Typotheque, Production Type, and David Jonathan Ross.

    Keep in mind that Fontstand is a service primarily designed for renting fonts, and it will cost you more to buy a typeface from them than at our store.


Font file formats in a nutshell

We offer three kinds of files for three types of licenses:

  • Desktop: OTF files;
  • Web: TTF files (in most cases we also provide WOFF, WOFF2, EOT files);
  • App: TTF files.
  1. OpenType fonts (OTF)

    OpenType typefaces perform equally well on Mac, Linux and Windows. You get the typeface of this format when you buy a desktop license, as it is best suited for printing due to PostScript hinting.

  2. TrueType fonts (TTF)

    TrueType typefaces also work equally well on all major operating systems. You get this kind of font when you buy web or app licenses. They use TrueType hinting which is best for pixelation on screens (especially low resolution ones).

  3. Web Open Font Format (WOFF and WOFF2)

    Web Open Font Format is a format developed in 2009 for web use. Those are essentially compressed OpenType or TrueType files.

    WOFF2 format is an updated version of WOFF. WOFF2 files are typically 30% smaller than WOFF fonts.

  4. Embedded OpenType (EOT)

    Embedded OpenType is a space-saving format of OpenType fonts to be embedded into websites, developed by Microsoft. Unlike their rivals, WOFF files, those are only supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer.

  5. Scaled Vector Graphics (SVG)

    We don’t sell SVG files. But you can reach out to us if you need those.

  6. How to install the fonts on Mac OS X?

    Open the folder with the typefaces you are about to install. Make sure that all the files are unzipped.

    Choose the fonts that you’d like to install, then double click on any of the selected files. FontBook software, a font manager tool on Mac OS, will open, as well as the windows with each font preview.

  7. How to install the fonts on Windows?

    Before you initiate the installation process, make sure that all the fonts are unzipped. Click Start → Control Panel → Appearance and Personalization → Fonts.

    Right click on the list of fonts, then select Install. Find the fonts you want to install.

  8. How to install fonts on Windows XP and older OS?

    Make sure that all fonts are unzipped before beginning the installation process.

    For versions released before Windows XP, click Start → Settings → Control Panel. Double click the Fonts folder, switch to the classic Control Panel view. Click File → Install New Font. Find the fonts you want to install.

  9. What tool to choose for managing your fonts?

    We do not recommend using font management software, because Suitcase, FontReserve and FontAgent tools don’t always perform perfectly. Installing fonts directly on the system is the most reliable way of acting. If we are still asked to recommend a tool for managing fonts, we would suggest opting for Linotype Font Explorer X: it is reliable when it comes to both Windows and Mac.

  10. What should I do if fonts are unavailable in apps?

    If you have installed fonts, but they are still unavailable in one of the apps, try to restart it.

    If that doesn’t work, make sure that the fonts work in another app (some software requires another way of font installation — refer to the guidance note.)

    Reduce the number of fonts installed: if there are too many of them, this might be causing the problem. If nothing works, restart your computer.

    If you use the fonts in Adobe software (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator) and they are not displayed or do not work properly, find all the copies of the AdobeFnt.lst file (such as AdobeFnt01.lst… AdobeFnt12.lst), delete them and restart the app.

  11. What’s the correlation between the font styles and B (bold) and I (italic) buttons in office software?

    These buttons are designed for the fonts with a small amount of styles. For instance, Arial consists of just four styles and text gets bold if you click B. As most typefaces come in way more styles than that, you won’t be able to manage them using the B button. For example, Kazimir Text consists of 22 styles, so the B button works just in one of them, Regular (but you can activate italics using the I button, since all roman Kazimir Text styles are equipped with italics).

  12. What do I do if a font works improperly?

    If you have an issue of non-working OpenType features or punctuation which is not displayed, try restarting your computer. We test our fonts very carefully, so there’s a good chance that a problem occurred at the installation page. If you use a font manager tool, try to install the font directly on the system. If it still doesn’t work, contact us. Please, specify what exactly fonts you use, how you installed them, which platforms you use them on, and which apps the font doesn’t work in. It would be nice if you could present some screenshots you took. The more details are provided, the easier it will be for us to help you.

  13. How to delete a font?

    On Mac

    Open FontBook software. Select a font, select the File section in the menu → Delete or enter the name of the font you need in the search box → right click the file icon → click Remove in the dropdown list.

    On Windows

    Type Fonts in the search box at the top right of the control panel → under Fonts, select Preview, Delete, Show and Hide fonts → select the font you want to remove and then click Delete.

Login and password
  1. If you can’t log in to your account

    Click here and we will send you a new password.

  2. If you didn’t receive an email with a new password

    Check your Spam folder. In the search box, type If you still don’t find our email, add to your contact list and reset your password again.

  3. If you can’t log in with a password we sent you

    Make sure that you correctly typed the password. If you copied and pasted it, make sure that you haven’t copied the space before or after the password. Try typing it in manually.

    If that doesn’t help, restart your browser and your computer.

    If the password still doesn’t work, try to reset it once again.

  4. If you have forgotten your login

    Contact us on and share who, how and what licenses bought with your account. We will do whatever it takes to restore your access.

  5. How to change your password

    Sign in to your account, go to your Profile — Settings — Change Password. Type in your current password in the pop-up window, then enter your new password and click Save.