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Placing an order

  1. To Buy Fonts:

    Select a typeface and click on “+” icon. There are two sets of “+”: one for purchasing single weights, the other for adding the whole family. Each set has three license options — Desktop, Web and App, which gives you the option of selecting either individual typefaces or complete packages. Add your purchases to your basket and proceed to check-out. Purchasing online with a credit card will allow you to download the fonts instantly.

  2. Cost of Fonts:

    The font price is determined by the number of selected styles, license type, and the number of users that purchase it. It is cheaper to purchase the full font package, than to purchase individual styles, but it is possible to upgrade to the full package at any time. It is however more expensive to purchase multi-user licences than single user ones, yet less expensive than buying several single user licences separately.

  3. Client or Designer: Who should purchase fonts?

    Anyone who intends to use the font, needs to have a license. For example, if a designer is making a project for the client, it is the designer who needs to purchase the font license. If the client plans on using the fonts, then, a separate license for the client needs to be purchased as well.

  4. Font Upgrade:

    It is possible to upgrade from small font packages to bigger ones, or to upgrade a single-user license to a multi-user package.

    For example, a single-user license can be upgraded later to the full package, with the initial license cost deducted from the full price. Also, a single-user license for a font can be upgraded to a multi-user license, the initial license cost will be deducted from the payment.

    Note: These calculations do not happen automatically on our web site due to the difference in font prices. Please contact us directly if you intend to use your previous purchase as credit for the next one.

  5. Downloading Fonts and Invoices

    After your order is complete, you will receive two email messages — one from our credit card processing company Cloudpayments, to confirm that you transaction is complete; second message from the system with the instructions on how to get the fonts that you purchases, along with your invoice.

    Simple Steps to Purchase Fonts:

    1. Sign in to User Profile
    2. Click My Orders
    3. Click My Fonts
    4. Pick a typeface and click on it. You will be given an option to download the fonts separately or in one file. Choose your preference and the browser will do the rest for you.
    5. Click Order History
    6. Choose either the Russian or the English version of your invoice by clicking RU or EN, and that will launch the invoice download in PDF format.
  6. How to Avoid NDS payment (Russian equivalent of VAT)

    Since our company is registered in Russia, has to charge the Value Added Tax (VAT) or NDS. If your billing address is outside of Russia, VAT won’t be charged. In order to do that, we ask that you contact us and we will send you the list of required documents that we need to provide for the tax authority, to explain why NDS was not charged in your case.

  7. To buy fonts for someone else

    The fonts purchased online are licensed to the person who made the purchase, read the End User License Agreement and agreed to its conditions. It is not possible to purchase the font for someone else. It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure all users are aware of our EULA and licensing conditions.

    If your clients, colleagues or friends need a font, encourage them to purchase it directly through our website.

  8. Return policy

    A downloaded font cannot be returned. If there is a problem with the font, and we are notified within 30 days of purchase, we will provide a replacement for it.

  9. Invoice

    Our invoices for all orders are sent in PDF format. The copy of your invoice is stored in your account, and can be printed at any time. Please contact us if you require a paper invoice or an invoice in a language other than Russian or English. Language preferences can be changed under the account settings.

  10. Foreign Currencies

    Since our company is registered in Russia, lists all the prices and issues all the invoices in rubles. There is an option to display all prices in either US dollars or euros, but the transactions will still be in rubles.

  11. Discounts

    On a rare occasion, we issue discount codes. If you have a discount code, you may enter it on the Store page prior to check-out.

  12. If you order is refused

    Sometimes Cloudpayments, our credit card processing company refuses a perfectly good order. If your luck is down and your order is refused, you may make a direct bank transfer. In that case, you will need to email us your order details and we will issue you an invoice with all of our bank details. The bank transfers usually take several days, so please allow due time for processing.

    Possible reasons why an order is refused:

    • Expiration date and credit card numbers do not match
    • Insufficient funds
    • Credit card is blocked
    • Exceed limit for daily transactions
  13. PayPal

    Currently, we do not accept PayPal.

  14. Additional credit card security procedures:

    Some credit card companies have started requesting extra security information when processing payments. It has nothing to do with our website and is done strictly to ensure transaction safety. In particular, both Visa and MasterCard have developed authentication procedures to improve online transaction security.

    Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode use personal codes known only to the card holder. This way the card companies want to make sure that the transactions are carried out by the actual cardholders.

    You can read more about this here:
    Verified By Visa (USA)
    Verified By Visa (Europe)
    MasterCard SecureCode

    If an order on was not completed due to the lack of security information, it will be saved to your account, with the “waiting for payment” status. Those orders are not complete, and a new one, with updated payment information or a different credit card must be made.

  15. EUR-USD-RUB Conversion rate

    Since our company is registered in Russia, lists all the prices and issues all the invoices in rubles. We display the payment estimate in euros and US dollars on the invoice for the convenience of our european and U.S. clients. Be aware that the price that will appear on your credit card statement may be different from our invoice, since the credit card company may use a different exchange rate.

    Since the ruble, euro and dollar exchange rates change daily, there may be a difference in how your bank calculates cost.