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What is is an online shop with qualitative and up-to-date Cyrillic fonts

Small but thoroughly selected collection

We sell new fonts for present-day texts

Our mission

We collect fonts that could be used to type texts now.

Fonts that meet modern technical requirements and tune in to the spirit of time. We develop collection of modern typography design instruments. We select works by the new generation of font designers and renowned authors. Fonts that reflect the visual language of the present moment and near future.

Today there are too many font studios and one could hardly keep up with their updates. Online vendors are also full up with fonts, not all them qualitative. We offer our expertise. We are frequently asked the same question “where could I find new fonts?”. Our answer is at

Who are we

We – Ilya Ruderman and Yury Ostromentsky – are the founders of We are graphic and type designers. We comprehend the modern visual language and offer new fonts and new typography instruments.

We are graduates of the Moscow State University of Printing Arts.

Ilya Ruderman is graduate of the Type and Me­dia course at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and is curator of the Type and Typography course at the British Higher School of Arts and Design. In 2011-2014 Ilya was art director at RIA Novosti state news agency.

Yury Ostromentsky was art director at Bolshoy Gorod magazine (2004-2012) and The New Times daily (2013), Yury is reposnible for the design of several book series by Novoe Izdatelstvo and Strelka-Press publishing houses, and also created the logos of news portal, blogging service, and Afisha Vozduh/Gorod/Volana web magazines.

In 2014 we established our design studio CSTM Fonts. Our fonts have won prises at the Modern Cyrillic international type design competition in 2009 and 2014 and at Granshan’2015.

What’s the point helps designers, publishers and all text and typography professionals find qualitative and up-to-date fonts. We do not claim that our collection comprises fonts that fit every project but we guarantee that our fonts meet all modern technical and artistic requirements.

We share our expertise on choosing typography design instruments. We want to track the modern graphic and text culture. We revised the notion of what is font today and offer our answers.


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