type.today is a font distributor featuring two regularly updated storefronts, a media about type and typography, and a studio. We are committed to figure out what type is today, what it will be tomorrow and how it affects the work of designers in various areas.

For our collection, we carefully select quality fonts with Latin and Cyrillic support, collaborating with both prominent foundries and independent young designers from all over the world. Our library features over 150 typefaces, including the projects awarded or mentioned at the Type Directors Club Awards, D&AD, Hiii Typography, Granshan, Modern Cyrillic competitions.

In our journal, we address typographic rules and conventions, tell about the languages supported by our fonts, explore and share how type design technology is changing. At our studio, we design new typefaces, customise projects from our own library, engage in creating lettering pieces and logos, and advise designers on any type-related issues.

Why two storefronts

​ Having launched type.today — with its quality, contemporary, quite versatile fonts, we soon realised that not only we feel an interest towards cross functional projects, but we’re also curious about fast, striking, experimental typefaces. That is how our second showcase came about — tomorrow storefront is more like a lab where we’re attempting to figure out what happens to type tomorrow: how it will be developed, how it will look and how it will work.

Who we are

We are the authors who have entrusted us with distributing their fonts in the first place.

But we are also Ilya Ruderman and Yury Ostromentsky, designers and graphic artists, type designers, graduates of the Moscow State University or Printing Arts, founders of CSTM Fonts studio and the type.today project.

Ilya Ruderman holds an MA in type design from the Type & Media programme at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague (where he now gives lectures); he supervised the Type and Typography course of the British Higher School of Design and is now teaching at the Barcelona-based Tipo-g school.

Yury Ostromentsky worked as an art director for the magazines Bolshoy Gorod (Big City) and The New Times, as well as designed magazines, books, and logos, for example, for LiveJournal.com and Arzamas.

We are designer Timur Zima, who manages tomorrow’s collection together with Ilya Ruderman and Yury Ostromentsky and runs @tomorrow.type.today account, the CEO Vadim Zuev, editor-in-chief Daria Yarzhambek, managing editor Adelina Shaydullina, as well as the experts, fact checkers, proofreaders, translators who help us with the publications for our media, Perushev&Khmelev development studio and nda.design design studio.

Where we are based

We have an international team and we all live in different countries. Our project is legally registered in Russia and Georgia. Knopka service in Russia and the Just Advisors company in Georgia assist us in our operating activities.


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+34 67 777 51 39

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109028, Russia, Moscow, Kazarmenny pereulok, build. 4, str. 1, app. 40

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