Basic licensing in a nutshell online store distributes licenses using a classic Desktop/Web/App model. The rights to use a typeface in logos and export type as vectors are included in standard license packages — one doesn’t need an extra license for this.

The Web license permits the use of a font file in a website layout, the App license allows the use in an application interface, and the Desktop license authorises installing the font on a computer to work with graphics and documents.

Our store also offers licenses for the use of fonts in video, movie and TV titles, embedding a font into games and software, and other use cases which are not covered by the basic license.

  1. What kind of license do I need?

    In order to work with graphics, presentations and documents, you will need a Desktop license. If you intend to use the font in video or animation, you should tick the Video box when you choose the Desktop license. To use the font in a website layout, opt for a Web license, and you’re supposed to pick an App license to apply the font to an application.

    To use the font in games, TV channel design, to install it to a server, or for making alphabets, ABC books and graphic templates, you will need a special license. Contact us at if you need one of those.

  2. Can I purchase a license for my customer?

    Yes, you can. Specify their details in your profile and choose them as a licensee in your cart.

  3. Can I share the font files with the customer along with the layouts?

    A designer who has a Desktop license can deliver to their customer the ready images (vector or raster), but has no right to transfer the font files.

    If the customer wants to make changes to the project and they might need the font files for this, they will need to purchase their own license for that.

  4. What kind of license do I need to work in Figma?

    You will need a Desktop license to work in Figma and other kinds of web design tools. It has to cover the devices of all users working on layouts. Typically, a developer can look into the text parameters in Figma without installing a font.

    Please note that when it comes to Photoshop or Sketch you won’t be able to check text parameters unless you install the font (a developer will also need a Desktop license to do this.)

Desktop License
  1. Do I need a separate license for a logo?

    The use in a logo is covered by the Desktop license. Its price is calculated based on the amount of machines the font will be installed on.

  2. Who is to buy the Desktop license: designer, customer, or maybe both?

    There are two options:

    • The studio purchases a license to show design options to their customer. If the customer chooses the option using’s font, they will have to buy their own license depending on how they intend to use the font in the future. The studio will be able to further use the purchased fonts in other projects without transferring font files to their customers.
    • Designers of a large company choose our typeface for use on social media, in a corporate identity, and packaging. The company needs to buy a license to cover installation on the machines of freelancers it works with and their in-house staff. The contractor studio has to buy their own small Desktop licenses.

    If the company decides to transfer the fonts to their contractors for them to work under their license, they will need a separate, extended license. Reach out to us at to arrange and issue a license like this.

  3. Can I modify the outlines of the font’s glyphs?

    You can convert the glyphs to curves and change their graphics after that. The license does not permit you to make any changes to the font file, or even remove certain glyphs. Such files will not be technically supported. It is also prohibited to create new font files based on the purchased typeface’ glyphs with a view to distributing — that would be a copyright violation.

  4. Does the Desktop license provide for producing stencils or alphabet stickers?

    Standard’s licenses do not cover producing alphabets, stencils, stamps and cases for them featuring the entire alphabet of one of existing languages. Which means that producing anything with which future customers will be able to create text themselves requires buying a special license. Write to us as at to arrange and get a license like this.

  5. What kind of license do I need to use the typeface in video and animation?

    You will need a Desktop license with a video option to use fonts in video and animation. Video use is understood as any moving images containing text set in this font, such as clips on social media, advertisements, animated banners, etc. It doesn’t matter what tools were used to insert this text into a video.

    The use of a logo or any physical objects featuring the typeface in a video do not require buying a video license.

    A Desktop license for video use can be purchased by a designer as well as a production company in charge of editing.

Web License
  1. Our website traffic increased and exceeded the scale of the purchased Web license. What can you do?

    You have to upgrade your license and purchase additional traffic: add to your cart the styles to be upgraded and select new parameters. The cart will automatically calculate the cost of your upgrade.

    If it happened once — for instance, as a result of a promo action, you don’t need to upgrade the license. However, if website traffic exceeded the scale of a purchased license for three times (within any three months), you shall update your license. If your traffic has increased as a result of bullying or cyber attack, please contact us.

  2. How many licenses does a company with several domains need?

    One Web license covers the use of fonts on one particular website only, the one you specified during the purchase process. If your company has a number of domains, divided, for instance, by countries or languages (,,, you will need a separate license for each domain.

    For a large company that already knows which sites it will apply a font to and how much traffic those will be getting, it makes sense to purchase a Web license for unlimited use (to get one contact us on It is significantly more expensive than a regular one, but it is not limited neither in the quantity of websites nor in their traffic. Purchasing such a license will save the time of your employees — they won’t have to constantly monitor traffic and agree on a budget for buying new licenses.

App License
  1. How to define the amount of mobile apps for an App license?

    An application for each platform shall be considered a separate mobile app. Which is why, for example, when you release an app running on both iOS and Android, you shall buy a license for two apps (the Up to 5 apps option in your cart.)

  2. Can the app users create their own graphics using the font?

    No, under the terms of the license the font shall not be used in an app that enables its users creating PDF files, documents for text editors, static or video images and other kinds of files. Such an app requires a special license — reach out to us at to arrange and issue a license like this.

Sharing fonts with contractors
  1. Is it permitted to share purchased fonts?

    Basic terms of the Desktop license do not authorise sharing font files. It only covers installation on computers of the licensee’s staff and freelancers involved. If the number of such users exceeds the scale of the purchased license, it means they are to upgrade it.

    If the licensee works with a studio, agency or any other business that has its own employees, this business shall purchase their own license in accordance with the number of people involved in a project.

  2. Is it permitted to share a license with a customer?

    No, a font license shall not be transferred. However, for example, a freelance designer can buy a license on behalf of their customer and do their job under their license.