New typeface: Codelia

24 styles of a humanist sans by Toshi Omagari for coder-friendly coding (but not only that!)

April 8, 2021

No matter if you’re a professional or beginner, your work should be fun. And if you are a coder/programmer, your coding font should be something you enjoy looking at for a very long time. Square and crisp coding fonts might be easy on the pixels, but are they easy on your eyes? Do they keep you entertained at work?

Codelia is a monospaced humanistic typeface designed for coding with focus on comfort and fun without sacrificing legibility or coding functionality. It’s fun, but not a joke. Its round shapes are easier on the eyes and make the code look less intimidating. It is not designed to make maximum use of every pixel on screen, but to make you forget about pixels. The italic is full of personality but sober enough to not draw unnecessary attention.

Codelia is available in twelve styles, two files each: one with coding ligatures and one without; ligatures in the latter are still present in Discretionary Ligatures feature (dlig).

Codelia works great for coding, but also in presentation, education as well as packaging and branding.

Author of the typeface Codelia is Toshi Omagari, an independent type designer, a graduate of Musashino Art University in Tokyo and University of Reading, who worked for Monotype studio for eight years. Ilya Ruderman told about Toshi’s talk in his reporting for our journal from Atypl conference

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Buy Codelia
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