All Cyrillic Fonts of 2019

Together with Type Journal, we looked into 215 Cyrillic fonts released in 2019. The list is not exhaustive, yet, we are quite sure to have reviewed every notable release.

February 28, 2020

As usual, the list is divided into sections, according to our very own preference, sense of beauty, and type design experience:

  • fonts with perfect Cyrillic;

  • fonts with good Cyrillic;

  • super-display, experimental fonts with Cyrillic beyond our judgment criteria;

  • fonts with acceptable Cyrillic;

  • fonts with questionable Cyrillic;

  • fonts with evident mistakes in Cyrillic.

We strongly recommend to think twice before using fonts from the latter two sections. However, we are deeply convinced there are no fonts which are unconditionally bad, and even a worst typeface can work good (and even outdo a perfect one) in a certain situation.

The first three sections are the releases of,, and other fonts with Cyrillic set designed by CSTM Fonts.

Compiled by Ilya Ruderman, Yury Ostromentsky (CSTM Fonts)
Coding by David Frenkel
Produced by Mikhail Berezin

Fonts released through

Fonts released through

Other font releases featuring CSTM Fonts

Fonts with perfect Cyrillic

Fonts with good Cyrillic

Super-display, experimental fonts with Cyrillic beyond our judgment criteria

Fonts with acceptable Cyrillic

Fonts with questionable Cyrillic

Fonts with evident mistakes in Cyrillic


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