Cyrillic fonts of 2016

Each year that goes by sees yet more new fonts coming out onto the market. And the Cyrillic market is growing steadily too. Together with our colleagues from the, we have compiled the fullest list of new typefaces with Cyrillic. Later we arranged them into categories, purely based on our own subjective preferences and notions of beauty.

March 21, 2017

Our favorite Cyrillic typefaces from 2016

The fonts that have most fascinated us.

Euclid-Flex Euclid Flex Suisse-Int'l Suisse Int’l Wermut Wermut

Quality universal typefaces

2016 projects with Cyrillic that we subjectively consider to be of high quality, and with a wide application spectrum.

Fonts for specific or single usage

Projects whose graphic ideas are more important than the rest. In many cases, these scripts are not suited for a wide range of applications, but for one-off, specific use.

The rest

2016 fonts from the collection

There are fonts in our collection that have also expanded into Cyrillic in 2016.

This review includes the fonts, that are available for licensing. If we did miss something, please inform Ilya:

Yury Ostromentsky and Ilya Ruderman

Mentioned fonts