All Cyrillic Fonts of 2018

Several times more Cyrillic typefaces were released in 2018, compared to the year before – that is why we decided to only review those which grabbed our attention (not necessarily in a good way). Our list of 185 typefaces was made in collaboration with Type Journal.

April 12, 2019

As usual, the list is divided into sections, according to our very own preference, sense of beauty, and type design experience:

  • our favourites of 2018;

  • typefaces with perfect cyrillics;

  • typefaces with good or acceptable cyrillics;

  • typefaces with questionable cyrillics;

  • typefaces with evident mistakes in cyrillics.

We strongly recommend to think twice before using typefaces from the latter two sections. However, we are deeply convinced there are no typefaces which are unconditionally “bad”, and even a “worst” typeface can work good (and even outdo a “perfect” one) in a certain situation.

The very first section are the typefaces with cyrillics made by us. Although the following list is not full, we find it representative for the current state of Cyrillic type.

Compiled by Ilya Ruderman, Yury Ostromentsky (CSTM Fonts)
Coding by David Frenkel
Produced by Mikhail Berezin

Cyrillics by CSTM Fonts

Our favourite typefaces of 2018

Шрифты с идеальной, по нашему мнению, кириллицей

Typefaces with good or acceptable cyrillics

Typefaces with questionable cyrillics

Typefaces with evident mistakes in cyrillics


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