All Cyrillic fonts of 2017

Just like the previous year we publish a list of all Cyrillic typefaces released 2017. This list was made together with Type Journal, and personally Anastasia Minasova, Ali Sadretdinova, Misha Beletsky, Valery Golyzhenkov and Evgeny Grigoriev. Great thanks to everyone involved.

April 11, 2018

We (Ilya Ruderman and Yury Ostromentsky) divided the list of 221 typefaces into several groups according to our own humble opinion, sense of beauty and experience in Cyrillic (from the top to the bottom):

  • typefaces with perfect Cyrillic;

  • typefaces with good or acceptable Cyrillic;

  • typefaces with questionable Cyrillic;

  • and typefaces with visible mistakes in Cyrillic

Please use the fonts from last two groups very carefully. Even we believe that there is no such thing as “bad typeface”. We can imagine a design in which the most “awful” font may complete the project better than any other perfect one. Just be careful, that’s all.

Typefaces released on, or made by CSTM fonts Studio

Typefaces with perfect Cyrillic

Typefaces with good or acceptable Cyrillic

Typefaces with questionable Cyrillic

Typefaces with visible mistakes in Cyrillic

So, there were 100 fonts with Cyrillic in 2016, this year’s list counts 221 typefaces. Sounds good, isn’t it? Though the quality might be higher. But that’s coming. Sooner or later we may stop complaining about the lack of Cyrillic typefaces and new releases. Good luck everyone.

Text by Ilya Ruderman.