Apoc and Nostra in use: Biuro 19

A book of revelations on widely used contemporary art terms

August 23, 2022

The 19th issue of Biuro magazine — a publishing project by BWA Wrocław Galleries of Contemporary Art — explores the issue of how cultural institutions should communicate with artists, curators, and each other. The magazine has a form of glossary with detailed definitions, indications of the origin of words and comments on methodology of compilation.

The text of glossary entries is set in Roboto typeface, while page headers and numbers are set in Nostra Stream (on the odd-numbered pages) and Apoc Revelations (on the even-numbered pages). The same Apoc and Nostra are applied to half-titles and short profiles on this issue’s authors.

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Apoc is a thin and sharp humanist serif with aggressive serifs, inspired by an ancient edition of the Book of Revelation (also known as Apocalypse of John). The line has 16 styles: peaceful from Light to Dark, wild Revelations and two sans serif styles, Light Sans and Light Sans Italic.


Nostra by Lucas Descroix is an extra-wide monospaced type family of two: heavy and hefty Sett and Stream, light and curved. Both styles are equipped with alternate glyphs, borders and patterns. The typeface was awarded by the Modern Cyrillic 2019 and the Communication Arts Typography Competition.

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