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Ordering and payment

Buying a font license on and tomorrow is meant to take as few clicks as possibles. All orders come with a price check and an electronic check. We also sell licenses via bank transfer, but this takes some extra time and additional payment.
  1. How to Buy a Font

    Our customer is an individual (buying online) Choose the license, add it to your cart and pay for it. If you buy online with a bank card, purchased fonts can be downloaded right after the payment.

    Our customer is a legal entity (buying online) If you would like to purchase a license for your company, you can do it online following the same procedure as if you were an individual. But you need to include the information on the entity in your account profile. You can pay for our product with any bank card, not only a corporate one.

    Our customer is a legal entity (buying offline) If your company prefers to make a non-cash payment, we will sign a contract, draw an invoice and wait for your wire transfer. Such purchase is more expensive, since we have to pay for the services of manager, accountant and lawyer.

    If the amount is less than 10,000 roubles, the service will cost 1,500 roubles; with the amount between 10,001 and 60,000 roubles, the service will cost 3,500 roubles; with anything higher than 60,001 roubles, the service will cost 7,000 roubles.

    For making it as fast as possible, we kindly ask you:

    • to create an account as an individual person, adding the details of a legal entity in question;
    • to add the licenses you need to your cart, select a payment option for a legal entity, and click request for a non-cash payment button. Your request will be instantly placed in our manager’s mailbox. After verification, our employee will provide you all necessary documents. You can contact Vadim Zuev, our manager, by writing him to
  2. Price

    At our today’s store, the price of a typeface depends on the license type, as well as on the number of users (or the number of visitors on website). At tomorrow’s store, this price depends on the package you are going to purchase: each package includes several types of font use, all varying in scale (see Licenses section).

    It is cheaper to buy a whole family than to purchase each typeface separately. Having bought a number of typefaces within one family, you can obtain a license for a full package at any moment, with an appropriate discount. A license for several users costs more than a license meant for a single user — though it is less expensive than it would be in case if every user purchased his own license.

  3. License Upgrade

    You can upgrade the already purchased license for the fonts from today’s store

    • from a single typeface up to several faces, — or even to the full family;
    • from one user to a number of users;
    • to a needed amount of unique users of your website.

    For example, you can pay more and upgrade your one typeface license to a complete package of faces within this particular family. In this case, the cost of initial purchase is deducted from the final payment amount. Likewise, a single-user license can be extended to a multi-user license which is meanth for several users.

    Font licenses for our tomorrow store’s products can be upgraded to a bigger package (Minimum ⟶ Average ⟶ Maximum ⟶ Individual).

    Our system will calculate the cost of additional payment as soon as you type the reference number of your previous purchase in the update field. If there were several purchases, you have to tap in their numbers separated by commas. Reference numbers are to be found in confirmation letters; you can also search your purchase history.

  4. Downloading Fonts and Invoices

    If a payment has cleared, you get three emails:

    1. Purchase confirmation from Cloudpayments (it is payment system we work with);
    2. Electronic receipt from Cloudpayments;
    3. Instruction on fonts downloading, and a Russian-style receipt from
  5. How to Download Fonts or Invoices

    1. Sign in to User Profile
    2. Click My Orders
    3. Click My Fonts
    4. Pick a typeface. Click on it, and you will be given downloading options (to download separately, or by one file)
    5. Click Order History
    6. Choose Russian, or English version of your receipt (click RU for Russian, EN for English).

    All our invoices are provided in PDF format. The copy of any invoice is stored at your account, and it can be downloaded (printed) at any time. Please, contact us if you need a paper receipt in a language other than Russian and English.

  6. How to Avoid NDS Tax Payment (Russian VAT)

    Our company is registered in Russia, and in some cases has to charge the Value Added Tax, or NDS. If your billing address is outside of Russia, VAT won’t be charged. For making that possible, please, contact us and we will send you the list of required papers we need to provide to the Russian tax authorities for explaining why NDS shall not be charged in your case.

  7. Buying Fonts for Other People

    The license for a font purchased online is owned by the person who bought it, — the one who read our End User License Agreement, and agreed to its terms. We recommend that you do not purchase fonts for someone else. The buyer has the responsibility to make sure all users are aware of our EULA and its licensing terms.

    If your client, your partner or a friend of yours needs a font, please encourage them to purchase it directly on our website — so that there is no confusion in our database.

  8. Return Policy

    A downloaded font cannot be returned. If there is a problem, please let us know within 30 days of purchase and we will address the issue.

  9. Foreign currency

    Since our company is registered in Russia, we list our prices and issue invoices in rubles. You can always use the option to view all prices in USD, but the transaction will still be in rubles.

  10. Discount

    We have decided to offer discounts to charities only. If you have such discount coupon code, please enter it on’s landing page prior to purchase.

  11. Payment Declined

    Occasionally, Cloudpayments system can decline a totally sound payment. When this is the case, you can pay for your purchase using a direct transfer of funds. Please email us your order details, and we will draw you an invoice with all bank details (please keep in mind that in most cases a bank transfer’s processing might take a couple of days).

    Here are some possible explanations why your payment won’t go through:

    • incorrect card number, or expiration date;
    • insufficient funds;
    • freezed (blocked) card account;
    • you have exceeded an authorized daily limit on transactions (exists in certain countries).
  12. PayPal

    Sorry, we don’t accept PayPal payments at the moment.

  13. Additional Security Measures (When Paying With a Card)

    Recently, credit card companies are increasingly opting for implementing additional measures to ensure the safety of transactions (it has nothing to do with our website). In particular, both Visa and MasterCard have developed authentication procedures to ensure that the card is used by its owner only.

    For more details, please go to:
    Verified By Visa (US)
    Verified By Visa (Europe)
    MasterCard SecureCode

  14. USD-RUB Exchange Rate

    Since our legal entity is registered in Russian Federation, lists its prices and issues all invoices in rubles. However, for the convenience of our foreign customers, we still display an estimated price in US dollars.

    As a Russian-based company, we make all calculations in rubles. Please be aware that an amount appearing on English version of our website represents just an approximate cost, and the final amount of due payment will always be calculated in rubles. If paid from another currency account, the price shall be recalculated in accordance with the Central Bank of Russian Federation’s exchange rate on the date of purchase (or with the use of some other system).