Alexander Tarbeev is Russian type designer, graphic artist and tutor. He graduated from Moscow Electrotechnical Institute of Communication (1979) and Moscow Polygraphic Institute (1988), and had been employed by type department of NII Polygrafmash (Institute for Scientific Research of Printing Machinery, Moscow). 1989–1997 Tarbeev worked as type designer at ParaGraph.

Alexander Tarbeev is professor and head of type design department at Moscow State University for Printing Arts (currently branch of Moscow Polytechnic University). He also taught at British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow), and Moscow State University, Faculty of Journalism.

Typefaces by Alexander Tarbeev: BetinaScript, BigCity, Dagger, DenHaag, Diderot, Gauge, Jakob, Lissitzky, Montblanc, Matterhorn, Pankov, Pollock, Smarty, Tauern. He also designed typefaces for Russian magazines Afisha, Bolshoi Gorod, Kak, Smart Money, Ezhenedelny Zhurnal, Russian L’Officiel, newspapers Vedomosti, Noviye Izvestiya.

Cyrillic versions of ITC Garamond, Friz Quadrata, ITC Benguiat Gothic, FF Beowolf, Brioni, Irma.