New typeface: Gauge

Gauge,, originally named Afisha Serif, was commissioned by eponymous publishing house in 2005, and has been used in Afisha, Afisha Mir, Afisha Eda magazines, as well as books and tour guides. The release of Gauge Type Family includes significantly more styles and glyphs.

February 19, 2019

The Pro versions of Gauge Caption, Text, Head, Display include about 600 ligatures, alternative numerals, fractions, swashes, and ornaments, as well as expanded set of glyphs for most Latin and Cyrillic-based writing systems, e.g. Abkhaz, Bamana, Fula, Kildin Sámi, Vietnamese.

Gauge Caption, Text, Head and Display

Gauge Caption, Text, Head and Display

TT_Gauge_AllStyles_2 Gauge styles interpolated

Gauge Pro has larger character set and different price

Gauge Letterpress

Gauge (aka Afisha Serif) on cover of Afisha magazine

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