Nekst in use: A website for Vot-Vot Agency

A classic portrait gallery and a virtual contemporary art show within just one page

March 3, 2021


  • Maria Rudakova
  • Designer of Vot-Vot Agency’s website

Vot-Vot agency started as a company of friends who gave tours and just discussed art and one day, sitting in the kitchen, decided to do something together. That’s how they came up with tours and educational programmes for Cosmoscow fair, Shchusev Museum of Architecture, Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, and many others.

The team is made up of art historians, culture experts, museum workers, scientists, experts in inclusion and cultural programming.

The website is something in between a virtual show of contemporary art and a portrait gallery. Change of focus on the photos reflects the key principle of the agency: a subjective perspective lies at the heart of any artwork’s perception.

The logotype’s structure is inspired by one of the meanings of the Russian adverb ‘vot-vot’ — ‘any minute’. The letters are balancing on each other, almost breaking apart, but the site’s greed keeps them from falling. The space is designed as concisely as possible, with one style, so as not to divert from the centrepiece — agency’s logo. However, the distinctive personality of Nekst is enough to make Vot-Vot’s aesthetics very catchy.

Screenshot-2021-02-20-at-20_0003_Layer-0 Screenshot-2021-02-20-at-20_0000_Layer-3 Screenshot-2021-02-20-at-20_0001_Layer-2 Screenshot-2021-02-20-at-20_0002_Layer-1

Nekst is a typeface created by Minsk-based designer Denis Serebryakov who also authored Epos and Displace, both available on tomorrow’s storefront. Last November, we talked to Denis about his work.

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