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Spektra: Update

Twelve new styles for the most inclusive Type Salon’s typeface

February 14, 2023

Krista Likar and Alja Herlah began designing Spektra during the pandemic when they ended up in different regions of Slovenia and noticed how differently people speak and write within one same country. However different we might be, says Krista, we should start understanding each other, and Spektra is a typeface to remind us of it. Spektra takes into account all oddities and particular features of the scripts it supports, which is why it is so often chosen for social projects.

Spektra turned out to be the most popular Type Salon typeface, and, after numerous requests from graphic designers, in 2022 Krista and Alja introduced four more weight options to the collection: Light, Bold, Black, Heavy (equipped with an italic and a backslant style each). Plus, the variable Spektra got a new axis.

Krista and Alja treated working on new styles as a challenge and an opportunity to find out how many weight options such a typeface can actually have. As it turned out, the number is five, — if you make it even thinner or even thicker, you won’t be able to preserve the equal counters in all characters in Arabic script, for example.

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