Typemates: update

+3 fonts supporting Greek and a new file structure

August 30, 2023

All the typefaces by Typemates foundry in our library have recently been updated: they have a new, more user-friendly stylistic sets structure, with Cera, Halvar, Grato and Gratimo now supporting the Greek language. (You cn find a list of all type.today fonts with Greek support here)

If you have already purchased Typemates fonts, the updated versions are available in your personal account. But before installing them, check out the specimen on the font’s page and make sure that this update won’t affect any projects where you used stylistic alternates.

1 Grato Marker Greek

2 Cera Pro Greek

3 Halvar Greek

4 Yuni SLab

5 Ottessa

6 Elma Mono

7 Norbert Schmal

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