New Typeface: Spektra

This variable font, supporting plenty of scripts, is a beautiful incarnation of the idea of friendship of nations. The family was designed by Alja Herlah and Krista Likar from Slovenia-based studio Type Salon

September 8, 2020

Spektra is a reasonably ironical display variable font, ranging from backslant to italic axis. The family supports many script systems other than Latin and Cyrillic, including Hebrew, Arabic, and Greek. The multilinguality of this typeface defines its character — democratic and cosmopolitan, it combines the specifics of many different scripts.

Type Salon is an independent type design studio based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The studio was founded by Alja Herlah and Krista Likar. Located at the crossroads of the main European cultural routes, they create letter shapes that present the mixture of diverse heritage and contemporary presence. Type Salon produces finely-crafted yet multi-usable typefaces. They offer extensions of the existing typefaces or multi-lingual additions such as Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, and Hebrew.

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