New typeface: Roslindale

A collection of three serifs (and three optical sizes) that you might have seen on Netflix

September 12, 2023

Roslindale gets its unique attitude from the reverberation of sharp serifs against bulbous, round shapes. In her interpretation of DJR’s design for the Cyrillic script, Serbia-based type designer Jovana Jocić has taken Roslindale’s interplay of sharps and rounds to the next level.

Roslindale builds on the model of De Vinne, a quirky oldstyle from 1892 named after the famed 19th-century printer. But while De Vinne was at times a bit blotchy and uneven, Roslindale’s tight spacing and slick curves lean more towards the 1970s interpretations of the style.

1 De Vinne No. 2. American Type Founders Specimen

Jocić stays true to this visual style and adapts it expertly to the Cyrillic script. From the spikes on the bottom of Д to the the curled ball terminals of й, she uses every opportunity to coax the tension out of these disparate shapes. This tension is present in upright and Italic styles, with Bulgarian and Serbian alternates.

Roslindale Collection

The collection includes utilitarian styles as well as Display style that allow for more dramatic flourish. All three optical sizes are available as variable fonts with slant and weight axes.

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Roslindale Text

Like its headline companion — Roslindale Condensed — Roslindale Text with its four widths takes its inspiration from De Vinne. In addition to the italic, it includes small caps which are well-suited to the design’s Victorian charm.

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Roslindale Deck Narrow

Roslindale Deck is narrower and tighter than Roslindale Text, with a higher contrast between thicks and thins. Even though Deck optical sizes may have started with a relatively specialised use in newspapers and magazines, there are numerous use cases for medium-size-optimised fonts in contemporary typography, from the large text sizes used in many single-column blogs to blurbs, embedded tweets, and advertising copy.

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Roslindale Display Condensed

Roslindale Condensed is the narrowest and most distinctive typeface of the entire collection. It would look great on the cover of a magazine or in the credits. Roslindale Condensed includes 8 weights (from Extra Light to Ultra) with an italiс for each. The font has already appeared in a baseball magazine and even in a Netflix show.

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Roslindale is designed by David Jonathan Ross. He began making fonts during his time at Hampshire College. After working with The Font Bureau for nearly a decade, Ross started his own type foundry, where he creates one typeface a month for the Font of the Month Club members. Roslindale is David Jonathan Ross’ fifth font on

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