New Typeface: Qommodore

High-contrast monospace serif which features both classics and glitch

December 12, 2023

Qommodore is a typeface better left uncategorized, being an amalgam of entirely different constructs to achieve a new and experimental texture. Born out of the creative encounter between Hugues Gentile and Jean-Baptiste Levée, Qommodore is the merger of their common interest for monospaced serif. Even its name introduces a wholly twisted operation that challenges convention at every turn.

Qommodore is a high-contrast serif, drawn with the construction of 19th-century display types. But its proportions are monospace, forcing many of the natural widths of calligraphy, and the 19th century, out of the equation.

Like most high-contrast serifs, Qommodore gains weight only in its thick strokes, and the hairlines stay hairlines throughout. Breaking with convention, for example, the typeface comprises six weights, beginning with a skeleton frame in ExtraLight that will feel wider than its bolder weights simply because the thicker strokes aren’t prevalent. In ExtraBold, Qommodore is practically egregious in its contrast; because the font is monospace, the thick strokes borrow from the interior space, creating a dramatic and glitchy texture.

All-capital titles will set beautifully as small as 60pt in ExtraLight and set a more traditional tone, with a narrow letter-fit and modern classic details. As you increase the weight, increase the scale, and drop the character count — it’s the best way to maintain comfort in reading while enjoying all of the quirky details.

That’s precisely the opportunity this typeface invites designers to enjoy — an unpredictable mashup of details like the intricate serifs on lowercase t and the graceful ß. These moments where one would expect discomfort get literally shaved off, such as in the ExtraBold Italic, where the rounds of characters abruptly stay in their allotted space. In these most dramatic moments of Qommodore, designers can amplify short words and even single characters for applications in media covers like albums, podcasts, and books. Check out its eponymous Q, stifling bold W and Extra Bold m, and corseted R; conversely, the shapely lowercase a and even the delightful punctuation.

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Qommodore was created by Hugues Gentile, a senior type designer at Production Type and a graduate of École Estienne and EsadType. When working on the Cyrillic alphabet, Hugues consulted with Ilya Ruderman and Yuri Ostromentsky.

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