Process: Alexander Cherepanov draws Japanese hieroglyphs

Author of the Transgender typeface, which is in our tomorrow collection, showcases his current project and the means of constructing it. It is the Tetsuo font in the making, and it would be available in Japanese, Cyrillic, and Latin.

April 23, 2020


For a long time, I have been in love with Japanese. I started learning it but quit, yet I retain the basics. About a year ago, I began to draw hieroglyphs. It took me several harsh and angry lettering works (see here and here) to realize that I need a typeface. I have developed a simple modular system. And here I have to note that all Kanji characters, all Japanese hieroglyphs, constitute an incredibly developed modular system. So, it is an explicit technical drawing which neglects all the roundings and decorations, yet attempts to stay legible. This system enables me to create other characters, too. Sometimes I ignore the modular approach to follow the optical sensibility. Here you see me scribbling a phrase いっきます (ittekimasu / I’m leaving home; the Japanese usually say this when leaving home for school or work).

You can purchase the Transgender typeface developed by Alexander here