New typeface: Normalidad

New family by CSTM Fonts, a workhorse with great display potential. The offering is also very flexible: choose any of the 30 static and 12 variable files, no need to overpay for font styles you don’t need

July 28, 2020

Normalidad is a mechanical sans-serif typeface with semi-closed apertures. The family is vast both in terms of widths (from Compact to UltraExtended) and weights (from Thin to Black), which makes it a handy, versatile tool. Normalidad can satisfy very different needs, — as well as superdisplay cuts, it boasts a range of text and UI ones.

The family is also subject to an all-new flexible offer — you can buy any of the 30 static font styles, or choose from the 12 variable files: an exhaustive one with both width and weight axes, and 11 partial files with a single axis. This way you can buy the variability you want, — e.g. the Compact width with every weight option, — not a single variable file for a heavy price. The idea to produce multiple variable files belongs to Ro Hernández, who was behind mastering the project.

Initial version of the font was designed for MTS, a Russian mobile network operator, in 2019. The history behind CSTM Fonts and MTS started with Kirill Martyanov and Sergei Yurkevich of BBDO Moscow using CSTM Xprmntl 01 in a large campaign for MTS, aimed at youth audience. The campaign was a large success and soon MTS came to Yury Ostromentsky and Ilya Ruderman with a commission for a font, to work both in the mobile app and in promo materials. After the exclusive license was over, the font was complemented with new styles and additional glyphs, — this work was taken on by Anya Danilova (TypeMedia 2019 alumna, the author of the Manual section in our Journal).

Check out Normalidad here

Normalidad_1 Normalidad_2 Normalidad_3 Normalidad_4 Normalidad_5 Normalidad_6 Normalidad_7 Normalidad_8 Normalidad_9 Normalidad_10 Normalidad_11 Normalidad_12 Normalidad_13 Normalidad_14


Check out Normalidad here

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