Graphik in use: Jade and Alexis

CGI and a metaverse under the influence of the 20th century grotesques

November 21, 2023

Based in Paris and Dubai, CGI studio Jade and Alexis is engaged in interactive installations, AR, VR, motion design and 3D graphics. In 2021, Jade and Alexis guided a tour around metaverses and they designed a website to celebrate the Assassin’s Creed game’s birthday in 2022 . The studio opted for concise Graphik designed by Commercial Type to appear on their own website.

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Graphik is a spin on the European sans serifs and Swiss lettering of the early and mid 20th century. Low contrast and large x height make it a really versatile typographic tool. The font is available in nine weights and an extensive character set: ligatures, old style, lining and tabular figures, subscripts and superscripts. Cyrillic Graphic was designed at CSTM Fonts.

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