Canela in use: Imperius

A typeface for glossy print magazines on the way to Web3

July 5, 2022

Greek communication agency Imperius helps brands find their audience in places where it’s users who are in charge of content and not corporations. For example, Imperius launched a social media page for the cleaning service Klinex and commented on its behalf on posts in a group where young people shared their breakup stories. And when the agency worked for efood delivery service, they created a series of branded memes and posted those not only on social media, but on the goods pages in the app as well.

So, it wasn’t a surprise that when it came to designing their own website, Imperius preferred to avoid the moves typical for their area and opted for pairing the sans serif Whyte typeface by ABC Dinamo with Canela, a typeface designed for the glossy magazine.

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Canela is a typeface by Miguel Reyes with the Cyrillic set by Ilya Ruderman. Conceived as a Caslon interpretation, it quickly distanced from the historic prototype. It (almost) got rid of serifs and stopped being a serif in the usual sense — but never became a sans serif typeface.

Canela collection includes four families in three optical sizes: Canela and Canela Condensed for headlines (inspired by American book covers of the 1960s and the 1970s), Canela Deck for subheads (20–48 pt), and Canela Text  for body text (<20 pt).

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