New typeface: Grato Marker

A very authentic and (almost) handwritten geometric sans

February 8, 2022

An authentic companion to Grato Classic and Grotesk, Grato Marker is a playful hybrid of geometry and informality: its vertical strokes tilt and its baseline bounces as the typeface plays with letter sizing. Its handmade forms can feel charmingly wobbly, but remain clear and legible, even in small sizes.

Like real markers, Grato Marker has a compact set of weights: four weights, from Light to Bold. And three stylistic sets to fine-tune Grato Marker’s cheerful text image. Combining serious, readable typography with honest expression, it is a powerhouse for children’s books, open-hearted packaging and casual brands.

Although it has a casual attitude, Grato Marker is serious about supporting Latin and Cyrillic languages. Reviewed by skilled experts, it supports more than 260 languages.

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Grato and Gratimo is a project by TypeMates type foundry launched by Jacob Runge, Lisa Fischbach and Nils Thomsen. Among the clients of the studio are Die Zeit, Red Bull TV, Lufthansa Magazine.

Grato Marker was designed by Teja Smrekar, the University of Reading graduate, founder of Flehatype type foundry and lecturer at the Faculty of Design in Ljubljana. Cyrillic consulted by Ilya Ruderman and Yury Ostromentsky. Spacing and Kerning by Igino Marini. Art direction by Jakob Runge.

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