Spektra in use: Climate Catastrophe Pack

The most inclusive font in our library tries its hand in eco activism

July 4, 2023

Climate Catastrophe Pack is a set of cards telling us what detrimental consequences global warming will lead to in the nearest future. 30 cards and a number of tree seeds (the project authors suggest planting those to lessen your feeling of powerlessness in the face of the upcoming catastrophe) cost $8, yet the Americans can get a discount provided their state is one of the most affected by global warming. 100% of the profits will go to an initiative aimed at stopping rainforest deforestation.

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Spektra, which is in charge of titles and subtitles in this dead serious activist project, was designed by TypeSalon foundry. In addition to Latin and Cyrillic, the font supports Hebrew as well as Arabic and Greek scripts. This multilingualism defines Spektra’s personality and graphic features, which is why the font is often the choice for socially significant projects.

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