Roslindale in use: Chiara Luzzana

A website you should definitely turn on the sound for

March 12, 2024

Sound designer and artist Chiara Luzzana was in charge of sound arrangements for Valentino fashion shows and had her sound installations presented at the Venice Biennale. Her portfolio features more details on those projects as well as invites you to listen to Chiara’s samples.

Roslindale by David Jonathan Ross is applied to the website’s headlines and display text, while its captions and body text Neue Montreal by Pangram Pangram foundry.








Roslindale is a collection of three old style serifs intended for large, medium, and small sizes. All three are available as variable fonts with a slant and a weight axes.

The typeface’ personality is defined by its acute serifs, round shapes — and the tension between the two. From the spike-shaped descenders to the enormous ball terminals in a breve, Roslindale’s attitude makes it a truly distinctive — yet quite versatile — typeface.

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