Calendar 2021: Esh Print×

12 designers, 12 wild typographies, 12 fancy riso prints — and the year full of our typefaces

December 21, 2020

Esh Print is a printing shop of ESH Gruppa design studio based at the centre for contemporary arts Winzavod. They use risograph to print books, zines, and other beautiful things; organise workshops, art shows, and master classes. It is also a shop where you can buy not only ESH prints and publications, but also plenty of products by their like-minded colleagues.

This year, Esh Print decided to make their annual calendar a typographic one, inviting 12 designers (one for each month), while provided the typefaces from tomorrow’s library.

Calendar is available in the Esh Print shop (100 copies printed.)

Calendar’s participants: Igor Lorok, Alex Slobzheninov, Holystick, Timur Zima, Maria Kasatkina, Anna-Maria Kandales-Vorobeva, Anatoly Grashchenko, Leah Maldonado, ESH Gruppa, Sasha Bychenko, Karina Yazylyan, Zeugen Jehovas.

By the way, Alexander Slobzheninov’s typeface is available on our storefront, and in our journal you can read the interviews with ESH Gruppa, Karina Yazylyan, and Timur Zima. Besides, Timur is in charge of Instagram and Holystick are December’s hosts of’s Instagram.

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