Archaism and Graphik in use: Beregovoy residential estate

Suprematika agency tells how to do decent design for a housing complex and why it is helpful to read the typeface’s story

October 26, 2021


  • Vladimir Lifanov
  • The project’s art director

It was important to us that the Beregovoy’s booklet didn’t give the impression of a corporate company book, but looked like a good glossy magazine. As a result, the booklet is minimalistic, and the entire design is based on delicate work with typography.

The architecture of housing complexes often distorts the face of the city, while Beregovoy does the opposite, building a dialogue between the residential complex and the surrounding landscape. And Archaism, conceived as an answer to manipulations with type and denying artificial transformations, addresses the same values. Narrow dense setting in Archaism highlights the key points, contrasts with body text and brings in the elegance into our layout. Bright design of the typeface at large sizes becomes practically the main graphics in the booklet.

The airy layout set in Graphik looks like the outlines of buildings on the river embankment. The typeface is neutral, which is why we took the liberty to actively experiment with tracking and density of setting.

For print, we used contrasting materials: for example, mirror paper and the silver foil lettering on the cover are reminiscent of the glass facade and the river, while warm textured paper in the section with stories of actual residents creates the feeling of an intimate dialogue.

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The project’s team:
Art director: Vladimir Lifanov
Designers: Daria Dolgopolova, Anastasia Khoroshilov
Аccount: Yana Popovich

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Archaism is a closed mechanistic sans serif by Nikita Kanarev designed on the base of a narrow typeface with reverse contrast. Archaism comes in 15 main styles, each of which is a step on the way from distortion to correct and finished forms. Arhaism also has a variable version with two axes.


Graphik is a multifunctional sans serif typeface created by Commercial Type studio, good for display purposes, small sizes and practical tasks such as navigation and mapmaking. Cyrillic Graphik was designed in 2015 by Ilya Ruderman (CSTM Fonts).

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