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New typeface: Yuni Slab

Joint release with TypeMatesTypeMates: a charismatic slab serif that admires its history but isn’t burdened by it

November 15, 2022

Yuni Slab is a compressed slab serif rooted in vague references of compressed slab serif wood types such as Clarendon or Franklin Type Foundry’s Antique Condensed. Yuni Slab’s chunky serifs, confident ball terminals, big friendly dots and seemingly naive serif distribution are somewhat inspired by the 17th century France’s legendary Romain du Roi. Wholesome and pleasing at first sight, Yuni is not for the faint of heart: it features kinks and quirks, rough edges and an unapologetic curvature inspired by its antonym, the high-contrast serif.

From tender Hair to useful Medium or heavyset Extrabold, Yuni’s six weights demand to be used big! Whether for headlines in editorial design, grindcore LP album covers, or wood type museum identities, Yuni will catch your attention and massage your eyeballs to completion.

With more than 900 glyphs per style, including native-approved Cyrillic and a broad Latin character set, Yuni speaks more than 270 languages. Steep accents, multiple figure sets (circled ones included), a finely curated selection of arrows, and OpenType features like case-sensitive punctuation are some of the typographic extras this tall attraction can use to cater to your headline needs.

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The author of Yuni is Philipp Neumeyer — a TDC and Granshan award-winning type designer. He graduated from the Muthesius Kunsthochschule (Academy of Fine Arts and Design) before completing the postgraduate Type and Media course at the KABK. After some back and forth working for LucasFonts and Playtype, Philipp settled in Berlin where he creates custom and retail typefaces as an independent designer. He is an author of Theodor, Arnold, Rainer, Norbert and Juneau.

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