Vkhutemas turns 100: online festival by Bang Bang Education

June 25 and 26 our friends Bang Bang Education are hosting an online festival for the centenary of Vkhutemas, the iconic design school of Russian avant-garde movement. We asked them to share some imagery, to have a glimpse of what’s coming.

June 22, 2020

The heritage, the tutors and the methods of Vkhutemas (Higher Art and Technical Studios) will be discussed by art historians, critics, and designers. The programme is curated by Alexandra Selivanova (architecture historian, Senior Researcher at Museum of Moscow) and Daria Sorokina (art historian, tour guide at Bauhaus, Dessau). Rustam Gabbasov, co-publisher at Sсhrift Publishers will speak about the typography of Vkhutemas. Illustrations below are hand-picked by Alyona Sokolnikova, design history tutor, founder of Design in Details. She will give a talk about the basic course of Vkhutemas and the role of propaedeutic disciplines at the school.

Two of talks in the programme will be conducted in English. Estrella Juárez Millán on June 26, 12 p.m. (Women artists of Russian avant-garde and their contribution to teaching methods of Vkhutemas). Evangelos Kotsioris on June 26, 3 p.m. (Lost In Translation: the first director of MoMA, Alfred H. Barr Jr. at Vkhutemas). All times are Moscow time (UTC +3). All talks will later be available online, with English translation.

13 13 Let Raboty by Anton Lavinsky, Vladimir Mayakovsky. Moscow, Vkhutemas publishing house, 1922

18 Zakhar Bykov. Logo design for GOMZA, 1927. Courtesy Stroganov Academy Museum

01A Georgy Echeistov. Book cover for Krylaty Priyomish by Vera Ilyina. Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Krug publishing house, 1923

16 Zakhar Bykov. Draft for Iskra magazine cover. Krasnaya Nov publishing house, #5 1926. Courtesy Stroganov Academy Museum

15 Zakhar Bykov. Cover for Metallist magazine. Year 6, #19. Published by TSK VSRM, 1926. Courtesy Stroganov Academy Museum

14 Mikhail Tarkhanov. Cover design for Dnevnik xylographicheskogo otdeleniya pechatno graphicheskogo fakulteta Vkhutemasa. Moskva, 1923 god

12 Georgy Echeistov. Book cover for Portrety Sovremennykh Poetov by Ilya Erenburg. Moscow, Pervina publishing house, 1923

11 Alexander Deyneka. Magazine cover for Dayosh #5, 1929

10 Isaac Rabichev. Book design and illustrations for Trishkin Kaftan by Ivan Krylov. Vkhutemas publishing house, 1922

09 Georgy Echeistov. Alternative book cover for Oda Vyborgskomu Rayonu by Ivan Aksionov, 1922. Courtesy Roman Babichev

08 Galina Chicagova, Olga Chichagova. Book design for Akhmet V Moskve by Nikolai Smirnov. Moscow, Molodaya Gvardiya publishing house, 1927

07 Galina Chicagova, Olga Chichagova. Book design for Chto Iz Chego by Nikolai Smirnov. Moscow, Zemlya I Fabrika publishing house, 1927

06 Georgy Echeistov. Book cover for Serenada by Ivan Aksionov. Moscow, 1922

05 Georgy Echeistov. Book cover for Tsyganskaya Vengerka by Vyacheslav Kovalev. Moscow, Ozar publishing house, 1922

04 Vkhutemas publishing faculty staff and students (Vladimir Favorsky, Pavel Pavlinov, Andrei Goncharov, Mikhail Pikov, Boris Grozevsky, Mikhail Tarkhanov). Book design for Moscovsky teatr revolyutsiyi (Moscow Revolutionary Theater) 1922–1932. Moscow, Mosoblispolkom publishing house, 1933

17 Zakhar Bykov. Draft for Dobrolyot. 70 let logo, 1925. Courtesy Stroganov Academy Museum