Tomorrow’s new typeface: Grafier

Reflecting on old-style letterforms to exist in the digital era

November 13, 2019

Reflecting on old-style letterforms to exist in the digital era

Grafier is a serif typeface that rethinks classic design in the digital era. The original source of inspiration was good old Baskerville, an English typeface from the 18th century. But Grafier went its own way and got some unique new features. The most obvious one is uncompromisingly straight serifs, which join inside the letters. This brutal linearity is also supported by distinctive flag-terminals, chopped shapes and squarish punctuation. The family consists of 10 styles: five weights from Regular to Black in two contrast variations. All the styles are also available as one variable font with two axes. Straight letter shapes makes Grafier a good pair for sans serif fonts. The typeface works perfectly in big and medium sizes; low-contrast styles are suitable for short texts as well. In such cases the readability can be improved by using stylistic alternatives that disconnect serifs.










Об авторе

Alex Slobzheninov is a designer from Siberia, Russia, currently based in Prague, Czech Republic. He works at &Walsh studio (NYC). Alex focuses on type design, graphic design, and motion graphics; he also experiments with design in AR and occasionally writes articles. He graduated from Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art, University of West Bohemia. His fonts can be found at Pangram Pangram Foundry, Velvetyne and Future Fonts; notable users include BBC Culture, City of Madrid, Penguin Random House. His Cyrillic version of Le Murmure (author — Jérémy Landes) won the Modern Cyrillic 2019 award. Typefaces by Alex Slobzheninov: Agrandir, Object Sans, Grafier, Relaate, Gestalte, Fivo Sans, Cyrillic version of Le Murmure.

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