Tomorrow’s new typeface: Flicker

Controlled water ripple, inktraps getting way out of line: a new typeface by Daria Zorkina on

March 5, 2020

Controlled water ripple, inktraps getting way out of line: a new typeface by Daria Zorkina on

The idea of Flicker typeface is based on hypertrophy of inktraps in stem joints. The letter proportions are narrow, the typeface is heavy, compact, can be assembled into a single, solid block and used as a decorative typographic element. There is not much difference between uppercase and lowercase, ascenders are longer as compared to descenders. The second master of variative typeface is decorative. Letters are distorted by ripple which reminds of water — this gave the name to the typeface. Both regular and decorative fonts work well together, and as the typeface is variable, the user can choose the amount of distortion necessary for their work. Flicker includes stylistic alternates set, fractions, indexes, case-sensitive punctuation. Contains extended Cyrillics and Latin.


flicker-01 flicker-02


flicker-03 flicker-04


flicker-05 flicker-06


flicker-07 flicker-08


flicker1 flicker2


On author

Daria Zorkina is a graphic and type designer based in Moscow. She had graduated from British Higher School of Art and Design in 2009 and a couple of years later took the Type&Typography course supervised by Ilya Ruderman. In 2017-18 was an intern at CSTM Fonts. Daria is an enthusiastic calligrapher. To find fresh design solutions she combines her understanding of the writing process with technological approach. Her scope of interests also includes linguistics and foreign languages, which feeds her experiments with non-Latin writing systems, such as Arabic and Greek. Daria is using her experience to develop logos, lettering and design murals.

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