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The column by our @tomorrow’s curator, Timur Zima, introduces a new season and rebranding. No more long-term forecasts from Timur — yet he will tell us everything about tomorrow in typography

February 10, 2022


Justin Sloane started working in a silkscreen shop in Sacramento when he was 16. Then he went to design school in Pasadena and worked in printmaking and fabrication before doing design full time in his late 20s. Now he’s working with Sharp Type foundry.


Studio Yukiko are Michelle, Johannes, Ira, Sebastien, Paloma, Tonia, Lou and Jean-Marc. They love all design challenges, and love switching it up. By the way, a member of the team is Ira Ivanova — the designer who gave the identity to the online store


Based in Paris, the studio was started in 2013 by Guillaume Hugon, Marvin De Deus Ganhitas and Antoine Aillot. Practising a playful approach and adding a healthy amount of humour to their work, they create vivid and memorable images.

Noah is an independent graphic designer and art director based in Brooklyn. With the help of new technical solutions he throws a new perspective on familiar design approaches to create unique aesthetics.


The work of Luis Pereira Dubón starts from an insistent questioning around a graphic task, which is impossible to conceive without a contextual understanding: nonconformity as a method of thought. His practice comes from a self-taught education which inhabits a promiscuity of influences. The results of his praxis ranges from editorial and typographic design to visual identities for different cultural and artistic projects in Central America and Mexico.


Florian Karsten is, in fact, a studio. It was founded in 2014 by former schoolmates Květoslav Bartoš (Florian) and Kristian Maňas (Karsten). They’re currently working from Brno, Czech Republic. The studio has changed within the eight years of work. It operates as two more or less independent units. Kristian took over the programming and web projects, while Květoslav is focusing on typefaces and running the type foundry.


Typography and basic shapes are primary tools Gianluca Alla uses for his work, and he uses these as a basis to build visual systems. He has designed animations, identities, illustrations and posters for companies such as Apple, It’s Nice That, Nike, The New York Times, Vans and Wired UK.


Plus Mûrs is an international design studio specialized in visual identity & motion graphics. Studio team is composed of Méric, currently living and working in Bordeaux and Nassim who is based in Paris. They both studied graphic and interactive design at l’Ecole de Design of Nantes back in 2010–2015 and are both focused on typographic systems. The studio has been working for clients in many diverse fields within the range of fashion, music, culture and art.