Tomorrow’s new typeface: Tomasa

Hip-hop-inspired, brash, contemporary typeface by Fer Cozzi, Buenos Aires

June 16, 2020

Tomasa is a contemporary typeface rooted in urban sounds and visuals. The formal explorations of each glyph interpret the artifacts of city landscape, an attempt to praise and evoke the peculiarities of graffiti and tags. The system has a complex identity, presenting four structural variants for each letter — this stands for the diversity, dynamics and rhythms of hip hop. The name is a tribute to the Chilean singer Tomasa del Real and the neoperreo dance movement.

Check out Tomasa here

Fer Cozzi lives in Buenos Aires. Apart from her intensive type design practice, she holds workshops and teaches at two universities.

tomasa-cy_08 tomasa-cy_07 tomasa-cy_06 tomasa-cy_05 tomasa-cy_04 tomasa-cy_03 tomasa-cy_02

Check out Tomasa here

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