Druk in use: Tiger Milk

When you’re equally welcome both on the pages of Bloomberg Businessweek and on a Mexican restaurant’s website

August 8, 2023

Tiger Milk is a chain of restaurants in France and Belgium; the brand was named after a marinade made with lime juice and red onion. Besides its slightly wild illustration, the project website offers a booking option, a chance to explore the menu, and a form to apply if you’d like to join the team.

The headings and subheadings are set in Druk Wide by Commercial Type; a narrow typeface from the same collection is charged with all the info graphics.

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Druk is a collection of the narrowest, widest, and heaviest styles. It was created by Berton Hasebe for Bloomberg Newsweek. Despite the fact that the family was intentionally designed without a regular width or anything lighter than medium weights, its text versions are an excellent fit even for the texts set at the smallest sizes.

If you used the fonts from our library in your project, please tell us about it! You can do that by sending us the links and images at info@type.today.

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