CSTM Xprmntl 02 Bold in use: Cyprien Gaillard × Andro Vekua

A book by a Tbilisi-based publisher about a Tbilisi-based bench

January 23, 2023

In September, Kona Books published a book documenting a public art installation by Cyprien Gaillard and Andro Wekua. The artists installed a stone bench in one of the alcoves of the Nutsubidze skybridge. The bridge is located in a residential area and connects two residential buildings, but the bench sits by the window, as if inviting you to look at the non-central Tbilisi from a tourist perspective. The photos of the installation are accompanied by a text written by curator Marina Caron and a philosophical essay by Salome Kokoladze. The publication with CSTM Xprmntl 02 on the cover was designed by Dan Solbach.

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CSTM Xprmntl 02 family includes three entirely different fonts. An ultra-closed sans serif Regular with curly stroke endings, a contrast serif Italic and a rough sans serif with reverse contrast, Bold. CSTM Xprmntl 02 collection was designed in real time and the audience of CSTM Fonts Telegram channel could watch the process online.

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