Tomorrow’s new typeface: Stravinsky

The new typeface by Ilya Naumoff owes its name to the hybrid nature, the fuzzy mixture of classic and contemporary aesthetics. Stravinsky can be strained and noble, and it can also be as loud and messy as you wish

July 14, 2020

Just as Stravinsky himself had to carefully research rules he broke, this typeface fuses the 18th century Didot vertical contrast and squarish counters with the contemporary sans-serif Grotesk form. It is a slightly chaotic, experimental typeface relying on a hidden order which puts all the characters in its right place. This modern display typeface is suitable for highlighting, teasing, and saying things upfront. Depending on pairing, Stravinsky either plays out as a traditional typeface or a risky fresh new thing.

Ilya Naumoff is a Russian-born type designer, living in France. He is a part of Black[Foundry], while he is also freelancing for design studios in France and Switzerland. One can purchase his Factor A typeface in our store.

Check out Stravinsky here



19-Stravinsky 18-Stravinsky 17-Stravinsky


14-Stravinsky 13-Stravinsky


11-Stravinsky 10-Stravinsky 12-Stravinsky 09-Stravinsky


08-Stravinsky 05-Stravinsky 02-Stravinsky 04-Stravinsky


Check out Stravinsky here

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