Fit in use: Safari Riot

What do web designers need variable fonts for? — answered by a PR agency for artists

March 21, 2024

Safari Riot is an agency helping aspiring digital artists start making money with their projects. Safari Riot with their business partners solve marketing and business planning tasks and produce collaborations. One can become one of the agency’s clients by sending their work at the project’s email.

The agency’s homepage uses variable Fit by David Jonathan Ross and all the other pages are typeset in Compagnie by Pyte Foundry (headlines) and Cartograph Mono by Connary Fagen (body text.)








Fit consists solely of uppercase characters and is able to fill any space as densely as possible, the key thing is to choose the proper width. Fit’s palette features ten of those ranging from Skyline to Ultra Extended + a variable font.

If you used the fonts from our library in your project, please tell us about it! You can do that by sending us the links and images at

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