Druk Wide in use: Ryans

A bright and modern grotesque for a bright and modern community

January 9, 2024

Ryans project started as an Ibiza hotel chain, but now it is first and foremost a community. The website still includes a service for booking accommodations with a pool, but it now also has an event calendar with parties and workshops organised by the community members all over the world. You can join the community by filling in and submitting a form on their website and suggest your event by reaching out to the project’s email. Ryans picked Druk Wide by Berton Hasebe and Quantico by MADType for their site, social media pages and merch.







Druk Collection is a study on extremes. The collection brings together the narrowest, the widest and the heaviest styles, deliberately designed without a regular width and any styles lighter than medium weight. Berton Hasebe created Druk for Richard Turley of Bloomberg Businessweek, adapting the attitude and roughness of the old time narrow grotesques for contemporary use.

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