Readymag: projects of the year, featuring our fonts

The team of Readymag, the browser-based design tool, have chosen their favourite projects of 2020. Three of those involve typefaces from our catalogue

December 29, 2020

Digital designer Elena Sakharova used Stratos for headlines in her vast and elegant web portfolio.

Masha Kasatkina designed a reserved and exquisite website for Zerno, an online school of 3D and kinetic typography. The main text is set in Menoe Grotesque.

Kazimir and Kazimir Text work at MyLinkIsYourLink, a web initiative enabling designers to give spotlight to other designers — ones who lost their jobs during the pandemic.

Part of our catalogue is available to Readymag users without additional licensing — until recently, it was Austin, Druk Condensed and Wide, Graphik, Navigo, Nekst, NWT Bodoni. In December, those were joined by Parmigiano Text Pro, Proto Grotesk, Sauber Script, and Spektra. The latest Readymag update also includes variable type functionality — both for uploaded fonts and some pieces from web catalogue (e.g. Spektra has the variable weight axis).

Mentioned fonts