Tomorrow’s new typeface: Retiler

A monospaced contrastless unicase modular sans typeface for DIY projects (but not only that)

February 22, 2024

Retiler has a brutal, simple structure where the m box of any glyph is made up of three macro modules, with each of them consisting of 24 micro modules. The micro modules form three squares arranged into a six-column grid.


Retiler is a good fit for headlines with highly tight leading — its lowercase and uppercase letters share the same height, while all diacritics push the letter into the m box.

However, Retailer’s functionality goes beyond headlines — if you’re looking to apply the typeface to small pieces of text, just opt for its stylistic set where all accent marks are taken out of the m box.

Due to its simple glyph structures, Retiler is an ideal tool for DIY projects, whether it’s a stencil graffiti, a pop-up restaurant menu, or a street football tournament display board.

One can use Retiler’s modules to create vector graphics: simple and concise, such as smileys in its character set, or more complex and detailed, which requires disassembling several glyphs into separate modules.

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11 3D — Nikita Koroto



13 Design — Gosha Ivanov

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Retailer’s author Rodion Ilyukhin lives and works in Novosibirsk. In 2012, he started practicing calligraphy and doing lettering, in 2016 — began designing type. Having taken part in a number of workshops at Campus by Dima Barbanel, Rodion developed an interest in experimental modular fonts and now spends his nights and weekends exploring them and creating his own.

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