Tomorrow’s new typeface: Rene

What if we print a Didone on an old dot matrix printer?

April 16, 2024

Rene is a display serif with flat serifs and exaggerated ink traps, built within a grid of rounded rectangles. Embracing the logic of writing with a pointed nib, this typeface has wide vertical strokes and narrow horizontal strokes.

Rene is a typeface of sophisticated personality. An almost classic skeleton coexists with bit-mapped texture, whereas its upright, static lowercase characters coexist with (little bit crazy) italic uppercase characters. However, Rene’s personality won’t get in the way of the job it does, rather helping it add dynamics to any layout.

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3 Designed by Polina Ovchinnikova

10 Designed by Nikita Kamenev






9 Designed by Nikita Lanndau

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Rene’s author Fedya Abroskin is an independent type and graphic designer and teacher. He studied at Dima Barbanel’s Campus, the British Higher School of Art & Design and BoldItalic school, now teaching at the Higher School of Economics Art and Design School and Bang Bang Education.

Fedya worked with Yandex Music, Ushatava clothing brand, Non-Objective studio.

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