Maregraphe in use: Martyn Radio

A totalitarian Russia of the future + voices of the early 20th century + a typeface from the 19th century

February 22, 2023

Philipp Dzyadko has been writing Martyn Radio for ten years — collecting the old letters from private archives and flea markets and introducing them to the world of the future where there’s just one news source allowed. The e-book version of the novel was made available in March, and the printed book edited by Elena Shubina was published in December. The book’s cover in both formats features Maregraphe by Yury Ostromentsky.

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Maregraphe is a sharp and tight modern serif typeface inspired by the text on the wall of a Marseille tide gauge of the late 19th century and the French lettering of different times. The typeface has an impressive case: small caps, regular, tabular and text figures (with currency signs, mathematical symbols, punctuation for each set), circled figures, indexes, arrows. Besides Ostromentsky, the team working Maregraphe included Mikhail Strukov and Ilya Ruderman; mastering was done by Ro Hernández, and Igino Marini was in charge of kerning.

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