Canela in use: Qalam

A typographically named decolonial media

October 24, 2023

Qalam is a reed pen used for calligraphy, but also a new media showing the world history and culture as seen by people living in Central Asia. The publication is now available in Russian and Kazakh, but the team is planning to introduce the English language version soon as well. The titles on their website, which was created by Tuman studio, are set in Heather Type by Letterhead, CoFo Sans by Contrast Foundry is used for the buttons, and Canela Text by Commercial Type is applied to its body text.








Canela is a collection of four families executed in three optical sizes. It includes display Canela and Canela Condensed, inspired by the American book covers of the 60s and the 70s, Canela Deck for subheadings (20–48 pt), and Canela Text  (<20 pt).

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