Transgender Grotesk in use: PurPur Relationships

A typeface with a complicated history for a game about complicated stories

August 10, 2021


  • Polina Zagumenova
  • Art director at PurPur

In our game about relationships people ask each other personal questions they find on the game’s cards — questions that you normally feel uncomfortable to simply start discussing out loud. I definitively realised that Transgender Grotesk would go well with this story when I read an interview with its author. As it turned out, the name was related to his psychological issues that were resolved during the work on the typeface — or even thanks to this work. And we also hope that our cards as well will help someone survive their emotionally challenging period.

Transgender Grotesk calmed graphics of illustrations, made it a bit less naïve. I fell in love with its lowercase glyphs, they are friendlier and gentler than uppercase. I also enjoyed the figures, though I didn’t use those for the game and decided to utilise an icon for indicating a marker for 2+ players.

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Transgender Grotesk is a wide sans authored by Alexander Cherepanov , with low contrast and three stylistic sets.

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