DrukWide in use: Pocket Moon

A studio that commits to tell your story to any kind of audience

April 11, 2024

Pocket Moon is a New York-based studio producing TV commercials, documentaries, and social media content. They deal with both video and animation, with the choice of format depending on what story a customer needs to tell. Druk Wide and Neue Haas Grotesk designed by Commercial Type are in charge of the website’s typography.







Druk is a collection of the narrowest, the widest and the heaviest styles developed by Berton Hasebe for Bloomberg Businessweek. It was intentionally designed without any regular width or weights thinner than semi-bold, yet the typeface’ text versions work great even at the smallest sizes.

If you used the fonts from our library in your project, please tell us about it! You can do that by sending us the links and images at info@type.today.

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