We are open!

Type.today is an online shop for new fonts. A small but thoroughly selected collection. It unites new fonts that could be used to type modern texts. Fonts that meet modern technical and artistic requirements. We select works by the new generation of font designers and by renowned authors. Fonts that reflect the visual language of the present moment and near future.

April 21, 2016

Hello! We are open!

Type.today is an online shop for new fonts. A small but thoroughly selected collection. It unites new fonts that could be used to type modern texts. Fonts that meet modern technical and artistic requirements. We select works by the new generation of font designers and by renowned authors. Fonts that reflect the visual language of the present moment and near future.

Today there are too many font studios and one could hardly keep up with their updates. Online vendors are also full up with fonts, not all them qualitative. We offer our expertise. We are frequently asked the same question “where could I find new fonts?”. Our answer is at type.today

We start with a tiny collection and will constantly expand it. Firstly we will introduce you Graphik and Giorgio Sans fonts by Commercial Type, First Prize by Valery Golyzhenkov (LetterHead), Kazimir, Kazimir Text and Pilar by CSTM Fonts and Amalta by Vera Evstafieva. Soon we will add fonts by Alexander Tarbeev and Yelena Novoselova.

We want to form the modern graphic and text culture. We revise the the notion of what is font today and offer our answers. We will expand the collection of our shop and in our Journal we’ll show how new fonts work, discuss typography trends with font and graphic designers and notify you on our news.

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