New typefaces: Oceanic and Rooftop

A grotesque for tech startups, a serif for (almost) any occasion by Ilya Naumoff

February 1, 2022

Ilya Naumoff aka Interval Type

Born in Russia and currently based in France, type designer and art director. Did branding, UX/UI, designed spaces, was into motion design. Was engaged with Volkswagen, Renault, Unilever; worked at Black[Foundry], then launched his own studio. Author of Factor A from today’s storefront and of Stravinsky from tomorrow’s.


Oceanic + Oceanic Text

At first Oceanic was called Piranha. To get an idea why — look at its lowercase c or e which make you think of prehistoric sea predator creatures, or at uppercase R and K, slightly aggressive and standing out in texts.

Oceanic is a typeface of bright personality. Yet you won’t get bored with it right after you use it for the first time, since Oceanic inherits its structures and parameters from modern serifs of the 18-19th centuries. Bright and elegant in display styles, it gets neutral and quiet in text ones and can easily integrate into both classic and modern stories.

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Rooftop + Rooftop Mono

What happens if you place American humanist grotesques of the 20th century (such as Lining Gothic) into the world of tech startups of the 21th? — You will get a collection of squarish forms, squared ovals, brutal design of f t r g y and 16 styles (eight weight options each equipped with italics).

Rooftop works great in any size on displays, printed, and even in code (since the collection is also fitted with a mono-spaced font).

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