Megazoid in use: No Guestlist Records

Sci-fi vibes, photo typesetting plasticity and an indie label energy brought together

October 3, 2023

No Guestlist Records is a new Dutch label that not only plans to release tracks, but is also determined to launch a media and produce clothes. By the way, the first drop is already available on NGR Instagram. As some members of our team are living in Russia we have to follow the Russian law. According to the law, every time we post links to Instagram or Facebook we have to mention the fact that these socials belong to Meta, which was recognized as extremist by the Ministry of Justice if the Russian Federation Just like the label identity, it uses Ivory typeface by Lineto and Megazoid by David Jonathan Ross. The label’s designer is Sam Velenne Reith.





Megazoid naturally combines sci-fi vibes with photo typesetting plasticity. The typeface mates squares and circles, avoiding triangles and sharp angles even in its counterforms. It is up for experimenting and performs great when it comes to shadowing, outlining and double outlining effects.

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