New typeface: Halvar

Halvar is a pragmatic grotesk with raw engineer charm. It is a large type system with a distinct temper, which makes it a great solution for varied and complex identity systems

June 25, 2019


There are 81 styles in the family, structured into three subfamilies: the wide Breitschrift, regular Mittelschrift and condensed Engschrift. All font styles are multiplexed, which means consistent character width across all weights in Roman and Slanted — allowing for work anywhere space matters, be it narrow text columns, or interface design. With its stable x-height, contemporary proportions and robust shapes, as well as manual hinting, Halvar is a great solution for screen graphics.




The stencil version of Halvar is even more industrial, even more utilitarian. It is a German-engineered Schablonenschrift, designed for construction sites, railroads, power stations, serial numbers, etc. Halvar Stencil is stable and consistent, yet salient, which makes it a great display typeface, too.

The typeface is available in three versions: Maxgap, Midgap, and Mingap, with stencilling gaps suitable for different font sizes — from a cargo container to an engine number plate.

Just like Halvar, Halvar Stencil has many weights, three widths (narrow Engschrift, normal Mittelschrift, wide Breitschrift) and equal glyph width across all weights. This might be the most comprehensive Cyrillic stencil type family ever — ideal for vivid and flexible stencil typography.


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